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Pack 1070 Bridging and Family Campout (Sat. June 11th)

posted Sep 4, 2016, 8:49 AM by Den5 Leader   [ updated Apr 3, 2022, 4:55 PM by Pack 1070 Cubmaster ]
Many of you are having your last Den Meetings this week which means the end of the School year and Bridging is upon us. Some of you are completely new to scouting and will be bridging into the pack on the day.
On June 11th, our Scouts will be bridging to the next level.  We will hold our Bridging Ceremony at Millers Picnic Woods in Utica, Maryland (directions provided below).  Not only will this be our Bridging Ceremony, but this is also a Family Camping event. 

The gates for setting up Den camp sites will open at 3 PM.  We will get the Bridging started at 5 pm followed by Den Dinners.  These are sometimes organized by Dens and sometimes people just bring their own food to cook on the grills.

I'd suggest everyone plan on arriving by 4:45 to avoid being late and missing the ceremony.
For those new to the Pack or those who may have forgotten, when your son/daughter bridges he should be presented the hat, slide, neckerchief, and book for the next rank (IE a Wolf is present Bear gear): 
Lion – Kindergarten
Tiger – First Grade
Wolf – Second Grade
Bear – Third Grade
Webelos 1 – Fourth Grade
Arrow of Light – Fifth Grade

Be sure to note that this scouting year is coming to an end, and as of June 4th your child will be joining the next rank. If they are currently in 1st grade, you would be bridging into the Wolf Den (2nd grade) which is the level of scouting that he/ she would be joining. 
This is on the parents to obtain.  Some Dens have worked together in the past to do a group buy to make this easier.  Also, I know for sure there are two different hats for the Wolfs now (red or yellow) and there may be some other color changes.  For the Wolfs both are acceptable.  Bottom line, if you have "legacy" gear, please use it (A Scout is Thrifty.) 

(If you do not have the gear, this will not prevent your child from bridging.)
For those who want to stick around, we will have a grill going if you want to bring some food to cook for your dinner.  Then for the most adventurous among us, there will be family camp out.  We will have a Camp Fire with skits at 8 PM.  (If you had make-up events and are unable to make the ceremony, we will recognize your child at the Camp Fire.)  

DIRECTIONS TO THE CHURCH'S PICNIC WOODS (7515 Lewistown Rd, Thurmont, MD. 21788) from Utica: The bridge north of Utica Park is still being worked on  so the best route is to take US 15 North, right on Hessong Bridge Rd., go 1.5 miles, turn right on Lewistown Rd. The gate is on your right after you have crossed Fishing Creek.

Please note, there are real bathrooms at the Picnic Woods - which is a stipulation of cub scouts camping.
One last note, this location is heavily forested on the back of the property - with all of the rain there will be lots of poison and ticks. Please take some time before the camp out to review poison ivy, oak, and sumac, as well as the proper way to remove a tick.
For the new scouts bridging into the pack, please make contact your relevant Den Leader to know of any specific plans and so they can expect you. These are the positions for the upcoming Scouting Year.